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Everyone loves surprises, so we decided to make our demo FUN and potentially profitable With over $200 worth of resellable products:

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Demo LEAH-Merchant now for only $1.97 and get the tools and software described below. April 2008

The Internet has been a blessing to many. Allowing just about anyone to launch a successful online business. The real beauty is that many of these businesses require no inventory and very little overhead to run. Here's even better news! You can do it too.

  • Would you like to see how LEAH-Merchant DPSS works 24/7 to deliver product orders to customers even while you sleep?
  • Would you like to download some bonus products that you can use to enhance your own business and make your life much easier (less frantic/less stress)?
  • Would you like to get a professional quality product that you can start reselling right away just by trying a LEAH-Merchant demo transaction?

Resell these products and you might* be able to:

  • Buy a new house or pay off your mortgage/debts a lot sooner.
  • Drive a newer, safer car with a few luxuries thrown in (heated leather seats, CD-Changer, GPS, DVD player for the kids, etc).
  • Treat your spouse to a beautiful dinner and maybe a special gift or two.
  • Show a family member how much you appreciate them with a fully paid vacation.

Then stop saying YES! YES! YES! and participate in this incredible almost free give-away where you keep all the potential profits!

That's right! Try the demo and you will download a mystery product with FULL RESELL rights! Sell this Grab Bag product for any price you choose (just be reasonable of course). Our suggested retail $29.97 to $49.97, we've seen it being sold for $97.00 or more. Some even charge monthly subscription fees to use it at $19.95/Month to $100/Month or more depending on whether you're selling to a Small Business or Big Business user.

No one can guarantee that you will make any profits. It's all up to you and your ability to sell it and use it. But who cares? You're getting a great bargain here for your own personal use!

PLUS!! Try a demo transaction now and we will also include these fantastic business automation and management bonuses with full rights to resell* (see note below):

  • An Unlimited Sequential Follow-Up Autoresponder Script Sold Elsewhere for $34.95 or more that will send newsletters, complete web courses, follow-up emails, etc to your customers without human intervention at timed intervals. So, for example, a visitor can sign up on Monday and then get your pre-loaded email course (one per day) over a 7 day period... fully automated!!!
  • An FAQ Generator/Manager script to easily add Frequently Asked Questions to your web site (great time saver) Sold for $19.95 or more. By answering your visitors questions/objections right away, you can increase sales and reduce your support time.
  • Another Mystery Bonus Used on the web by professional web sites everywhere to end form submission spam/fraud. (Priceless)

But, Wait there's more! (Always wanted to say that!)

We will also send you a PDF ePublishing Guide that tells you:

  • 20 Questions To Ask Before Creating An ebook
  • 15 Creative Ways To Make Money With eBooks
  • 20 Ways To Increase Your Traffic And Sales With eBooks
  • 10 Ways To Increase Your Free eBook Downloads
  • 10 Concerns To Have Before Creating A Members Only Web Site
  • 12 High Readership Content Ideas
  • 10 Reasons To Sell A Fee Based Subscription Ezine
  • 40 Hot Information Product Ideas
  • Plus more hot ePublishing tips...

Still Finding it hard to part with your $1.97... well--we'll Even throw in these Four additional information products that you can use for personal use or give away to your site visitors as incentives:

Now Includes "12 Little-Known, High Profit, Low Startup, Kick Butt Business Ideas for 2005 and Beyond!" EBook By James J. Jones

This eBook is jam packed with business ideas like you've never seen before. I gaurantee this ebook will make you say, "Wow that's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that??!!!??"

  • Introduction . Now Is the Time to Start Your Own Home Business!
  • The Lazy Man.s Way to Create and Sell Highly Sought-After Niche Info Products on the Internet!
  • Adventures of a Spyware Detective.
  • Fast Cash with Club VIP Cards
  • How to Start a Fun, Rewarding and Profitable Special Event Letters to Children Business in Your Area..
  • How to Profit From Highly Targeted Local Email Newsletters.
  • The Ultimate Work at Home Opportunity: Start Your Own Virtual Assistance Business.
  • How To Make Your Fortune as a Modern Day Wheeler-Dealer.
  • Make a Mint with a Highly Specialized Local Directory Project.
  • How To Uncover a Secret Stash of Valuable Treasure Hiding In Your Neighborhood.
  • How To Create Multiple Streams of Auto Pilot Income with Mini e-Books!
  • How To Position Yourself NOW To Cash In On the Next Big Internet Gold Rush.
  • Behind the Scenes Secrets of a Biz-Op Guru.

And we will also include

  • Anthony Ellis' EBook PDF Guide Called: 15 Muscle Building Rules For Skinny Guys and Gals! (Business people need to stay healthy too).

"If you are thinking about starting a weight training or fitness program to gain muscle or lose fat, I highly recommend that you check out this ebook first. Anthony Ellis, a man that has literally transformed his body is a matter of months with his training and nutritional program, reveals his tips and insight for anyone trying to build muscle or lose fat."


  • Profit-Boosting Lessons From Today’s Most Successful Super Affiliates… (in PDF format)

Learn how others on the net are making $30,000/Month to $100,000/Month or more by selling their own and other people's products. This is no joke. It can be done with these simple strategies.

OK... OK... One More...

We'll also include...

  • "The 30 Second Secret To Blasting Your Energy Levels Through The Roof In The Morning" PDF eBook.

This short, yet powerful PDF EBook is guaranteed to give you an energy boosting pickup when you wake up. No pills, strange-organic foods, or special formulas required. It won't cost you a penny to feel better everyday and you will be surprised by its simplicity.

Here's how it works!

1. Click the order button below

2. You will then make a $1.97 PayPal/Credit Card purchase

3. LEAH-Merchant DPSS will process your order and allow you to...

4. Download your Featured and Mystery Product(s) Via Online Download and by Email (be sure to use valid PayPal email address for delivery).

5. Enjoy your products and experience how LEAH-Merchant DPSS makes order delivery easy 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

*Note: $1.97 demo fee is non refundable. Product may require Web Site installation (PHP, MySQL, Web Hosting, etc). We do not provide support for this Mystery product in any way. Included product licenses gives you legal rights to resell products, some without modification. Be sure to read carefully and follow rules.

*No one can guarantee sales or that you will make any profit. This is entirely dependent on you, market conditions and other factors. Regardless you can simply try the demo and enjoy these products for personal use.

LEAH-Merchant DEMO Grab-Bag
Download this demo grab-bag and experience a digital download delivery via LEAH-Merchant MAX. Note: This is a software package of resellable software, Freeware, ebooks and tools and NOT online access to the LEAH-Merchant script. The demo is the delivery!
Price: 1.97 USD
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"I've been using Leahmerchant DPSS for several months now and I'm very satisfied with it. It's working so well that I never log into it anymore because I don't really need to administer it."
Al Silverstein
Net Sense, Inc

"Yes, LEAH Merchant is really a great piece of software. It can easily automate my digital delivery system. No doubt! The automation you get is amazing and the interface is superb. The installation manual is very easy to follow and the complete setup can be finished within 15 minutes. This is a "must-have" product for every infoproduct seller."
Raam Anand, CEO,

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