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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is LEAH-Merchant DPSS?
Glad you asked! LEAH-Merchant DPSS, also known as LEAH-Merchant Digital Product Sales System, is an automated downloadable product delivery system. In the information technology industry this is known as Electronic Software Delivery or ESD. LEAH-Merchant can be used to deliver: Ebooks, software, shareware, music files, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, presentations, Audio Ebooks, Zip Files, just about anything downloadable.
How Does It Work?

Once a buyer initiates a purchase via your LEAH-Merchant generated order buttons/links, their payment will be authorized by 2Checkout, PayPal, or ClickBank (whichever one of these outsourced vendor solutions or payment providers you choose).

Then your vendor solution/payment provider will send back a confirmation to your LEAH-Merchant installation to go ahead and process the order.

LEAH-Merchant will then deliver the product to your customer and can optionally begin a sequence of follow-up messages to train, inform or sell related products to your new customer.

LEAH-Merchant can also send demo products and follow-up with pre-written sales materials (that you write) to help them make the decision to purchase.

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Note: LEAH-Merchant is fully registered, copyrighted and protected by the United States Copyright Office. All rights are reserved both domestically and Internationally.

If I don't like it can I get a refund?
Yes, you have 30 days to try it out. If you don't like it simply remove it from your web server (to comply with our legal requirements) and we will refund your money. If you are a freebie seeker or cyber shop-lifter, please go elsewhere, we will know if you continue to use the application and will disable it and/or take further legal action if required. So please Try It Risk Free!
Isn't LEAH-Merchant kind of expensive?

Compared to what? :-)

We've had people tell us that LEAH-Merchant should cost more.

Besides providing top-notch support with 100% customer satisfaction, we are also interested in creating a product of high quality and we've strived to make it better and better over the years.

If you wish to look for a cheaper solution that doesn't do as much... then contact us and maybe we can recommend one. Remember, you will never see this product on a resell-rights site, it is only made, sold and professionally licensed by Client By Design to other professionals.

It's like having your own live order taker and sales person who never needs to eat, sleep or take coffee breaks. And, best of all, there are no monthly fees and no expensive merchant account, membership or other hidden fees required. LEAH-Merchant DPSS helps you free up time allowing you to make more money selling products 24/7 even while you're on vacation.

It was created by Client By Design, LLC over three years ago to sell our own professional application software and downloadable educational software and guides.

Many people use cost as an excuse to never get started and months or even years later--they look back with regret at all the sales they could have made, but didn't! With a 30 day money back guarantee. What's your excuse???

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Can I sell Physical products with it (stuff that I have to ship)?
No. It was meant for downloadable products only
Can LEAH-Merchant DPSS handle recurring sales (memberships, subscriptions, etc)?
No this application was created to deliver one-time purchases. However, It could be used to deliver membership IDs, E-Tickets and passwords after purchase.
Does LEAH-Merchant handle affiliate transactions?
It is possible to use a variety of 3rd party affiliate tracking tools with LEAH-Merchant DPSS. Be sure to check out www.Interneka.com to start and run your own affiliate programs by combining Interneka, 2Checkout and LEAH-Merchant. Please direct all questions to Interneka's support.
I've never sold anything online before, will this product make me a rich instant sales giant?
No. This product helps to facilitate and complete online sales, it does not make the sale for you. You will need the right products and the right offer. There are many great sales and marketing books out there that can help you become an experienced sales person. Try http://www.ElectronicBookSoftware.com or http://www.ClickOpps.com and look up marketing and sales. Some LEAH-Merchant Users are selling their own products and making extra money while others are living completely off the internet through their own efforts and with the help of this product.
I hear LEAH-Merchant DPSS can distribute serial numbers, is this true?
Yes, just load the application with a bank of serial numbers via a text file (one per line) per product and it will then distribute them per product or license purchase (see next question).
Can LEAH-Merchant handle varied pricing for my items based on customer selection (i.e. Different Operating Systems, file size, premium/lite versions, etc)?
LEAH-Merchant DPSS can handle these types of transactions by entering each item seperately. In other words, if your digital product comes in three flavors, then you will need to enter three different product entries into LEAH-Merchant and upload each product to its database.
I sell arts and crafts, how will this product help me?
You can sell downloable general and cross stitch patterns, photo transfers, puzzles, scrap book items, templates, bead work diagrams, how-to guides and more. Start teaching and selling your craft ideas today
I am a shareware or software author, can LEAH-Merchant help me distribute my products?

Yes, you can use the application to distribute your pre-loaded unlock keys or registration codes to your demo products (fully unattended) after a sales is made. You can even use it to distribute full versions of your product after a purchase.

Scenario 1 - If you have two versions of your product

1. Allow prospects to download your demo version
2. Provide them a link to purchase and download the full version (they will buy with LEAH-Merchant)
3. Let LEAH-Merchant DPSS send them the full version and send the serial number to unlock it

Scenario 2 - If you have one version of the product

1. Allow prospects to download your limited (feature disabled) demo version
2. Provide a link for them to download a license (this can be a text file, pdf, word, etc) (via LEAH-Merchant)
3. Let LEAH-Merchant DPSS send the license and the serial number/unlock code so your buyer can unlock the additional features of your product.

In both scenarios, the sending of a download link is triggered by a completed purchase.

I am an ebook author or reseller, how can this product benefit me?
You can use LEAH-Merchant to distribute your ebooks or audio books securely on the Internet. Just upload your products and set your distribution options. You are now ready to sell your ebooks to customers 24/7 with complete automated product delivery.
Is LEAH-Merchant really fully automated?
Yes, it can deliver downloadable products 24 hours a day 7 days a week without your intervention. It can even send unlock keys and serial numbers that you pre-load into the system (for each product).
Can I send products manually if customer didn't get the product or if there was some other error (corrupt product code, delayed payment, customer's ISP accidently deleted email, etc) ?
Yes, you can send products ON-Demand using the InstaSend™ feature built into LEAH-Merchant 3.0. Just enter a customer/recipient name and email address then choose a product and click a button to send the product via email. InstaSend™ delivered products have the same sel-expiring security features that a normally purchased product would have.
What are the requirements to install/run LEAH-Merchant?

Script requirements:

If your web hosting account doesn't support these features, you can get hosting through www.MarchHost.com or IPowerWeb

LEAH-Merchant DPSS is easy to install via a simple setup script.
Your hosting account must meet the following requirements (most Unix/Linux based accounts already do).

  • Hosting account must support latest version of PHP.
  • Hosting account must have MySQL DataBase Access (local or remote).
  • You must have access to your site via FTP.
  • For best protection you must optionally have the ability to create and access folders outside of your public folder (often called Public_Html or WWW on many hosting accounts) for storage of your downloadable files. Your downloadable products are stored in a folder outside of public access to secure your merchandise.
  • You will need a 2Checkout -- ClickBank or PayPal account to accept payments.

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Can I store my downloadable products in any folder I chose, since my web host doesn't allow me to access a non public area on my web server?

Of course, LEAH-Merchant has always (since version 1.0) allowed you to place your downloadable products in your WWW or Public_Html folder. Just be sure to:

  • Never reveal or tell anyone the product folder name and
  • Change the folder name from time to time to ensure safety of your valuable products.
Can you recommend a web host that will allow easy setup of this application?
We recommend our own www.MarchHost.com. On Cpanel based hosting accounts, this script can be setup in 15 minutes or less. We also recommend iPowerWeb
Do I have to rename all my LEAH-Merchant powered order pages with a .PHP extension and re-upload them to my web server?

No- It is easier to do so, however to avoid having to resubmit your web pages and re-optimize your newly named existing pages for search engines, you can simply ask your web host to allow you to run your PHP code as html. This is usually done by adding the following line to your ".htaccess" file in your "Public_Folder:"

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .html


What will it really cost me to use this application?
Your investment to own a license to use this application on one domain is $149.97 with no other charges! No monthly fees, no per download fees, nothing extra!
Does LEAH-Merchant capture customer email addresses?
Yes, this is a normal process for 2Checkout and PayPal purchases. The application will also insert a special form for ClickBank customers that allows them to submit their email address during the order process. Email addresses are then stored in the system database for easy retrieval. You can even export the info to an easy to use text file for mail merge or to put into your own email application.
Can I send follow-up email to my customers with LEAH-Merchant?
Yes, you can. You can send announcements, news, and follow-up email to select customers or to all of your customers from an easy to use online control panel.
Who hosts LEAH-Merchant You or Me?
LEAH-Merchant DPSS is hosted on your web server. You get a license to use it on one server and one domain. You can also get a fully hosted version via MarchHost.com Get Started
Can I use it to distribute any and every form of downloadable content?
Almost, although it can distribute any type of downloadable file (zip, sit, pdf, exe, tiff, doc, xls, gif, jpg, mp3, wav, mpeg, any file type) we have some legal and moral restrictions please see: license agreement
What are the fees to use any or all of these out-sourced vendor solutions (authorized retailers) ?

2Checkout's Fees:

  • $49 One-Time Setup Fee (No monthly fees or other charges)
  • $0.45 per Transaction + 5.5% of Transaction Amount
  • No charges if you don't make sales
  • Learn more and open an account

ClickBank Fees:

PayPal Fees:

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"I've been using Leahmerchant DPSS for several months now and I'm very satisfied with it. It's working so well that I never log into it anymore because I don't really need to administer it."
Al Silverstein
Net Sense, Inc

"Yes, LEAH Merchant is really a great piece of software. It can easily automate my digital delivery system. No doubt! The automation you get is amazing and the interface is superb. The installation manual is very easy to follow and the complete setup can be finished within 15 minutes. This is a "must-have" product for every infoproduct seller."
Raam Anand, CEO,

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